A Great Hot Tub Deck Finishes Off Your Spa With Class

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Choose The Best Location for Your Hot Tub Deck

Your first decision will be where to position your hot tub. You’ll need to think about several issues, including;

Privacy – Its hard to relax and really enjoy your hot tub if the neighbors are staring at you. Take advantage of natural privacy shields if they are there. If not, you will want to keep that in mind as you design your hot tub deck.

Accessibility – You will likely want to keep the hot tub relatively close to your house. Think about the back and forth trips for snacks, drinks, bathroom breaks, etc. No need to hike if you don’t have to.

Safety – Any time you have more than a couple inches of water, plan carefully to keep small children safe.

Utilities – Keep in mind that you will need electrical power to run the motors. Underground electrical service is not inexpensive. The closer you are to the source, the less it will cost. You’ll also need water of course, but that can usually be handled with a garden hose easily enough.

So think it through before you just pick a random spot for your hot tub.


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